Rothersthorpe, Rothersthorpe Parish Council

Rothersthorpe Parish Council Subscriptions & Memberships

To help benefit the Parish and people of Rothersthorpe, the Parish Council receive support from charitable, campaign and local authority organisations through subscription and memberships.

Northamptonshire County Association of Local Councils

The Northamptonshire County Association of Local Councils is a not for profit membership organisation, representing, training and advising the parish and town councils of Northamptonshire, who are the grass roots of local government.

We provide member councils with vital operational information and facilitate communication at all levels of the parish council network - district, county, regional and national.

As a membership association we are unable to deal with queries from the public, but we are happy to make general information available through this website.

Northamptonshire ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England)

"Working with rural communities to improve the quality of life for all"

Northamptonshire ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England) is a countywide, independent charitable organisation working with rural communities to improve their quality of life, especially for the disadvantaged. We are one of 38 Rural Community Councils working across England, which makes up the ACRE network. Our national body, ACRE works at the strategic level with government bodies to ensure the needs and voices of rural communities is listened to and included in any new legislation.

Our main focus is on community development and engagement, particularly with villages and parishes who wish to carry out any form of community planning.

Neighbourhood Watch

Each regional area is divided into Force areas, which means the areas covered by the police forces and locally is as local as your street or the building you live in. In each area, weather it be nationally, regionally, or local, we all have the same vision, mission, and values.

On a national level, Neighbourhood Watch is supported by the Central Support Team and Board of Trustees.

On a regional level, Associations will support Neighbourhood Watch and these are led by local people, volunteering their time to support our movement.

On a local level, Neighbourhood Watch groups are run within communities by local volunteer Coordinators.

SNAST - Northamptonshire Neighbourhood Alert

Get connected with what is happening in your local area, keep up to date and get involved in shaping what goes on where you live or work.

Northamptonshire Neighbourhood Alert is a free messaging service that allows Northamptonshire Police, Neighbourhood Watch and other partner organisations keep you informed about issues in your area that are relevant to you.

Northamptonshire Community Speed Watch

Community Speed Watch (CSW) is a volunteer programme run by Northamptonshire Police in conjunction with the Northamptonshire Safer Roads Alliance. It enables local people to be actively involved in road safety, reducing speeding in their community.

Drivers detected as speeding by CSW receive a police warning letter and their records are held for 12 months to identify any repeat offenders. Anyone detected three or more times will be visited by police officers.

The scheme only covers excess speed, it does not cover other traffic offences such as vehicle weights, no insurance or mobile phone use.