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Rothersthorpe Biodiversity Group

Rothersthorpe Parish Council is looking for an enthusiastic team of like minded volunteers to set up, drive and enhance biodiversity initiatives within our community.

The Rothersthorpe Biodiversity Group (RBG) will be an independent society and not form part of a Parish Council committee, but will be sponsored by the Parish Council who will take biodiversity guidance from the group.

Rothersthorpe Parish Council will be responsible for the ownership of any biodiversity enhancements on parish owned assets whilst RBG should feel empowered to:

  • Be the leading authority in biodiversity issues across the Rothersthorpe Parish
  • Provide advice, guidance & good ideas for Rothersthorpe homeowners
  • Liaise with the school, landowners, organisations & charities across the parish / neighbouring parishes to implement biodiversity projects
  • Seek fundraising & grant opportunities for village & landowner owned open space programmes
  • Create content & news stories to be published in the Rothersthorpe Newsletter, Social Media & Parish Council Website
Cllr Frankie Gilkes (Chairman) (Rothersthorpe Parish Council) said:

Biodiversity is much bigger than Parish Council ownership alone, it is something that everyone needs to be part of.

Can you support the wider Rothersthorpe Community in embracing biodiversity initiatives and improve wildlife corridors across the parish?

The Parish Council wants to empower a volunteer lead group to own biodiversity initiatives, BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Register your interest NOW!

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