Know Your Access Rights

You can walk on all public rights of way.
Some public rights of way are also open to horse riders, cyclists or motorists.

You can use:

footpaths - for walking, running, mobility scooters or powered wheelchairs
bridleways - for walking, horse riding, bicycles, mobility scooters or powered wheelchairs
restricted byways - for any transport without a motor and mobility scooters or powered wheelchairs
byways open to all traffic - for any kind of transport, including cars (but they're mainly used by walkers, cyclists and horse riders)
Rights of way in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
Public rights of way are marked with signs or coloured arrows, for example yellow for footpaths, blue for bridleways.

You can find the route of public rights of way:

on Ordnance Survey and other maps
on West Northamptonshire Councils Definitive Map

Permissive Path:

Follow advice on local signs as landowners voluntarily provide access to these paths and choose who can use them.

Some open access areas are also made available in the same way.

National Trail:

National Trails are created for walking, with horse riding & cycling possible on some trails or trail sections.

Open Access:

You can walk and explore away from paths.